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Zakat is a pillar of Islam, in which Muslims make donations to causes in belief that it purifies wealth & helps save lives around the world. Please contact to include such causes.


Sue H Patreon
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Hello Kind Souls! I launched this Patreon campaign as way of seeking more stability in my life. Over the last five years chronic illness has stripped away my capacity to work, my home, a number of cherished passions like dance, and in general any expectation that I can wake up knowing what my physical capacity is that day.  Your gifts are my basic income and my creative inspiration all bundled together.  Check out some of my posts as well as the “paying it forward” section below to see my creative and humanistic projects.

Goal: I would love to add 30 contributors at the $1 or $5 a month level.

Big Thanks! I am so powerfully, deeply grateful for the support and assistance that my contributors offer me. Thank you!! Given that state and federal aid are very hard to get and harder to maintain, the funds that you send me every month are often my only sustenance and have allowed me to feed myself and get some of the medicines I need.

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On the platform people will be able to communicate to each other, create events, quickly organise groups of volunteers in their area, mark the map with the places that need some help and make a place online for a global charity movement. After, building a small working version of this website, my plan is to create the whole platform that will be full of tools and potential to help people globally! This will be directly related to one of the charity organisations, that was successfully spreading for last 4 years. Creating online area for all the people in this organisation will highly boost the chances of global impact. Here, at Patreon I am hoping to get the first supporters!

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Best Wishes,

Nikoloz Sanakoevi


Paint the World Organisation


The programme that enables you to decide what you want to do and where you want to do it. you can give a shape to your own experience, yet you are taken care of. You will be a part of an organisation, you will be the working force of the organisation, you will develop it on your own.

You will be a representative of Paint the World Organisation in Swaziland. Organise Paint the World events ( visits to local hospitals and orphanages together with Swazi Youth). Deliver the idea of Paint the World to local schools and Universities via presentation, in order to inspire more young Swazis to join the movement and participate in Paint the World Events. Lists of ‘places to visit’ and ‘schools and universities’ to involve in project will be provided upon their arrival, however volunteers can improvise and in case they find out any new institutions to visit, or more Swazi or non-Swazi teenagers willing to participate, they can make decisions and help ‘paint the world Swaziland’ to expand. Ways you can paint the world: BE OUR SPONSOR, PUBLICITY, CONDUCTING, ORGANIZING and/or ACTIVITY.

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A great work at home opportunity for Muslimahs who are stay-at-home Moms or anyone interested in an online business at no startup cost. Become an Affiliate by offering halal, skin care products made by nature. All-natural products company offers these great benefits for free and no fees:


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The website where you type in your emotions and current feeling (e.g ANGRY, ANXIOUS, CONFUSED, EXCITED etc.) and it gives you an Ayat or Surah that correlates with it. It’s so beautiful. Help someone out, pass it to everyone you know.