Zakat is a pillar of Islam, in which Muslims make donations to causes in belief that it purifies wealth & helps save lives around the world. Please contact to include such causes.



Sue H Patreon
Photo by: Sheila Flemming

Hello Kind Souls! I launched this Patreon campaign as way of seeking more stability in my life. Over the last five years chronic illness has stripped away my capacity to work, my home, a number of cherished passions like dance, and in general any expectation that I can wake up knowing what my physical capacity is that day.  Your gifts are my basic income and my creative inspiration all bundled together.  Check out some of my posts as well as the “paying it forward” section below to see my creative and humanistic projects.

Goal: I would love to add 30 contributors at the $1 or $5 a month level.

Big Thanks! I am so powerfully, deeply grateful for the support and assistance that my contributors offer me. Thank you!! Given that state and federal aid are very hard to get and harder to maintain, the funds that you send me every month are often my only sustenance and have allowed me to feed myself and get some of the medicines I need.

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ABILITY Magazine remains an independent voice for persons with disabilities. Now more than ever, we need to focus on human dignity and continue battling unconscious bias. Media advertising has fallen sharply throughout the industry. It takes much time, money and dedication to produce a high-quality publication. Our content is open to all readers, whether they can pay for a subscription or not. Your valuable support, no matter how small, can help ABILITY maintain its voice and mission. If you find value in our message and can help, please consider supporting us. With appreciation, ABILITY Magazine Team

ABILITY Corps’ purpose is to create a world of inclusion and awareness for people with disabilities – through art, media, housing, employment, and volunteer opportunities.


ABILITY Corps is working to break down Unconscious Bias toward people with disabilities. We believe in alliances and partnerships to strengthen and speed up this social and civil rights issue.

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The website where you type in your emotions and current feeling (e.g ANGRY, ANXIOUS, CONFUSED, EXCITED etc.) and it gives you an Ayat or Surah that correlates with it. It’s so beautiful. Help someone out, pass it to everyone you know.