Islam SAQs: 10 Should Ask Questions


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No, that wasn’t a typo! In recent years, Islam has become a major topic in the media all around the world, and yet still harbors many, many questions. Not sure if people are reluctant to ask, in fear of finding out the “truth” (because no one likes to hear the truth, right?) or they just plain don’t care. Well, it is time to care. People are dying. Many of them Muslims, and more than ever, people should be asking questions and finding out the truth about Islam once and for all. As an American, I lived through and experienced the shock of 9/11, I too had many questions, I too criticized, I too did my research…the research that let me to the true Peace of Islam, Alhamdulillah (praise be to God).


Islam Should Ask Questions (SAQs) highlight the 10 most important questions that non-Muslims don’t ask but should be asking…(including the answers from an American convert from Christian-Catholic to Islam, and is living in a Muslim country that I absolutely love):

If Islam is a “religion of Peace” how can terrorism be in the same sentence?

Just like in the afterlife (when we die), there are 3 places we can go…1. Heaven 2. Hell 3. Ghostworld – those lost in between known as wandering spirits because they were too attached to the material world and couldn’t let go; there are 3 kinds of persons living on this planet…1. The Good 2. The Bad/Evil 3. The Lost. Your heart is either in the perfect warmth of the middle of the sphere (like the equator), or at the cold opposite ends (it is Written that “in their hearts is a disease”). It’s pretty obvious that evil hates anything good. Therefore, evildoers, the bad, and the lost are those carrying out their evil work (terrorism) in the name of The Good (Islam), because simply, they hate it and want everyone else to hate it, and want evil to prevail.

Why are Muslims being recruited by radical groups?

Once again, these people are Lost. They are confused about what is good and what is bad. The Bad/Evil are brainwashing their vulnerable souls to “accept” their evil, forbidden deeds. Hence, they are not Muslims. Please don’t put them in the same category. They are simply Lost. Why are they Lost? Ask their parents, or wait, maybe they don’t have anyone who cares about them or their actions, like the Bad/Evil do. Most “recruits” come to Muslim countries from non-Muslim countries. They need a place to real-life practice their “gaming-skills”. Yes, I partially blame violent games that children grow up playing all day. Anything, and I do mean anything that promotes violence is an influence for our vulnerable youth. What we let them learn as kids is vital to the confusing state of their 20s (age of most recruits).

Why do mostly Muslim countries have war?

Because Islam means “Peace” in Arabic. Most Muslims speak Arabic. Muslims are The Good. The Evil/Bad and The Lost hate anything that is good, hate anything that means peace, they consider peace to be weak…so they go for what they consider “weak”. Weak people, weak economies, weak governments, weak countries. This is where they thrive. The countries’ citizens, and those who worship God, are the victims…hence, refugees.

Why do Muslims still worship Muhammad (pbuh) and not Christ Jesus (pbuh) even if they live or move to America, a “Christian” country?

Just like mixed-families, which make up the majority of America now, we have step-brothers and sisters. We may not have come from the same mother, but we still belong to the same family tree. Same goes for our religious beliefs. As Muslims we don’t worship this or that…we only worship One God, the same God you worship, His Name in Arabic is Allah, just like Dios in Spanish. We don’t “worship” Muhammad (pbuh), we follow his teachings and his actions, just like we are told in Holy Qur’an to “make no distinction between any of His Messengers”~The Cow 2:285, therefore we follow Christ Jesus’ (pbuh) teachings known as The Gospel as well. (pbuh means may peace & God’s Blessing be upon him). As humans, we all come from the same Family Tree, from the same father…Adam (pbuh):


Why do Muslims drink, gamble, smoke, cheat, etc.?

This is where the true meaning of jihad comes in: which in Islam means the spiritual struggle within oneself against sin. All of us, no matter which religious faith we “say” we belong to…all struggle with the devil’s whisper, the same temptation of sin, the same temptation of Adam and Eve (pbuthem). As individuals, we are all going through our very own spiritual journey and struggles in which we should not judge each other for doing so. Each to their own, God gave every one of us free-will. There is only one, and we will answer to only One Judge.

Why do Muslim women cover their whole body/head even in the hot summer?

The true meaning of Muslim is anyone, man, woman or child who submits their being and existence to God’s Will. As a woman, God tells us in His Word that we should dress modestly, protect our chastity, cover our beauty for our husband’s eyes only. A Muslim woman, like any woman, has and should have the same freedom to choose what she wants and not wants to show of her precious body and beautiful features, no matter the weather. Women are free to expose themselves to whom they please, and should be able to cover themselves to whom they please, even in the hot summer. Not only are we protecting our hair & skin from harmful UV rays and the elements, we are protecting our assets from harmful perverted eyes. (Just ask those of us who’ve been sexually harrassed while being “exposed”).

Why do Muslims stay quiet during conflicting events?

I can assure you that no one feels the pain more than Muslims do when a conflict occurs. We don’t stay quiet. Join our credible Facebook pages, our communities, our blogs, our news media like Huda TV and you’ll see just how loud we are. Only recently have you seen Muslims protesting against those evildoers committing atrocities in the name of Islam, because enough is enough. We too have a voice, but no one is willing to listen, especially the media. Most are quicker to listen and respond to those against Islam by focusing on the atrocities. For once in this lifetime, let’s shed some light on The Good.

Why do Muslims hate America?

The Bad/Evil people want you to think that. Look around today…America hates Muslims. The Good know that that’s not true. The Bad/Evil want you to think that. I am Native-American born. I am a Muslim. I love my country. I show my American patriotism everywhere I go. According to a newer estimate done in 2016, there were 3.3 million Muslims living in the United States, about 1% of the total U.S. population. American Muslims come from various backgrounds and, according to a 2009 Gallup poll, are one of the most racially diverse religious groups in the United States. There is no racism in Islam. It is forbidden, because God forbids it, and we submit to His Will.

Why should we embrace Islam as non-Muslims?

Because we have embraced every other religion and non-religion under the sun, that’s why. Why should Islam be any different? Because we are devout? Because our actions don’t mirror yours? Nonsense. It’s time you have Muslims friends. We don’t bite. We will love you and embrace you more than anyone else on the planet. Don’t be afraid to be “influenced”, it’s only going to do you some good from The Good-hearted.

How can I know if a Muslim is ‘good’ or ‘bad’?

Yep. My favorite sayings my Mom (RIP) used to say: “Actions speak louder than words”. “Don’t trust anyone that doesn’t smile”. “People will treat you the way they want to be treated”. This is how you know. Common sense. If you must judge, judge people by their heart…is it black or white? It might be gray…The Lost.


Notice that most of the questions begin with why, why, why! Rather than just “point the finger”, discriminate, falsely accuse, and hate on the innocent people of Islam, when there are so many “whys”, then it’s time to pick up authentic books (including the Holy Qur’an), the Prophet’s (pbuh) teachings known as Hadith (what he said) & Sunnah (what he did), talk to Muslims, befriend Muslims, talk to Islam leaders, visit your local mosque/Islam Center, read credible sources online, watch Huda TV and do what we all normally do when we have questions…ASK, RESEARCH, FIND OUT THE TRUTH.

 Video by: Dubomedy

Do you have any Muslim friends?


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